Leslie Hart

Artist and Legal Secretary

Travelers Rest High School
Fine Arts Center of Greenville
Greenville County Museum School of Art

2017-present - Timmons & Co., LLC - Legal Assistant
2015-2017 - Clarkson Walsh, P.A. - Legal Secretary
2001-2014 - Eppes & Plumblee, P.A. - Legal Secretary
1995-2001- Dillard - Haywood Mall - Visual Merchandiser
1991-1995 - Belk - Haywood Mall, Greer Mall, McAlister Square - Visual Merchandiser

Art Exhibitions
2015/April-June - Open Studios Retrospective Exhibit
2014/April-June - Open Studios Retrospective Exhibit
2014/April-June - Pickens County Museum of Art and History-35th Annual Juried South Carolina Artist Competition
2013/April-June - Open Studios Retrospective Exhibit
2013/April - South Carolina State Parks Artist in Residence
2012/November - Open Studios
2012/March - 4x6 Art Exchange - Art House Coop - Atlanta, GA
2011/November - Open Studios
2009/November - Open Studios
2009/September - A Million Little Pictures - Art House Coop - Atlanta, GA
2009/May - Small group show at Art & Light - - Greenville, SC
2009/April - Friends in Art & Life - Small group show at Art & Light - - Greenville, SC
2009/February - Art House Coop - Sketchbook Project #3 - Atlanta, GA
2008/August - Uppercase Gallery - Old School Art Show - Calvary, Canada
2007/August - 6th Street Gallery - Cut & Paste Show - Vancouver, WA
2007/August - Twist Art Gallery - Mail Art Show - Nashville, TN
2000 - The Immediate and the Intimate - Group show at the Upstairs Gallery - Tryon, NC
1999 - Barbie Theme Show - Group show at the Coffee Underground - Greenville, SC
1998 - Nine Greenville Artists - Group show at the Red Door Gallery - Anderson, SC
1997 - Random Exposure - Group show at the 291 Gallery - Greenville, SC
1996 - Upstate Artist Invitational -

Craft/Art Shows/Events
2009/July - The Big Crafty - - Asheville, NC
2008/December - The Big Crafty - - Asheville, NC
2008/November - Earlesdale Art Sale - Landrum, SC
2008/November - ICE - - Atlanta, GA
2008/September - HubBub Art Market - Spartanburg, SC
2008/July - The Big Crafty - - Asheville, NC
2008/June - ICE - - Atlanta, GA
2008/May - Witch Craft Show - Asheville, NC
2008/May - Craftstravaganza - Athens, GA
2008/April - HubBub Trashion Show - Spartanburg, SC
2007/December - “BYOA” at the HubBub - - Spartanburg, SC
2007/November - ICE - - Atlanta, GA
2007/October - TRAM Fair - Travelers Rest, SC
2007/October - Earlesdale Art Sale - Landrum, SC
2007/September - Hub-Bub Art Market - - Spartanburg, SC
2007/August - Art-O-Mat Swap Meet - Winston Salem, NC
2007/July - West Greenville Art Market, Greenville, SC
2007/June - ICE - - Atlanta, GA
2007/June - West Greenville Art Market, Greenville, SC

Special Projects
2007 - August - Etsy Lab Wall Project - New York, NY
2006 - Present - Art-O-Mat - - Winston Salem, NC (ongoing)

    I was born in Nagasaki, Japan on a US Army Base in 1968.  My family traveled around a short time before finally settling down in the good ‘ol town of Travelers Rest, SC, the town where travelers stopped and rested before making the trek up the mountains.  I went to elementary school, middle school and high school there and enjoyed every minute of it.  I have so many fond memories of growing up in such a small and safe little town.

    I have always been creative and have experimented with several mediums.  As time has passed I find myself not wanting to be called an artist, but rather a creative person.  Being a creative person lets me be more than just an artist.  I love to sew, collage, take pictures, paint, silkscreen, printmaking and dying to name a few. 

    I believe my list below will help you understand my inspirations, quirks and habits.

6 random things about me...
*    One of my major addictions is to thrift shop.  Even though I have so much cool thrifty stuff in boxes that I need to do something with, I still feel the need to go hunt for more.  I guess it’s the thrill of the hunt.
*    I love to eat leftover spaghetti with pimento cheese sandwiches.
*    I love to take walks at night.  There’s something about being outside at night, walking the streets and seeing inside houses where you have no idea who the people are.  It makes you think about their lives and what they are doing at the time you walk by.  How do they feel, what are they doing, who are they talking to, what are they watching on tv, what are they eating, can they see me, do they care I see them?
*    I can’t sneeze if someone is looking at me. 
*    I love rainy Thursdays and hot summer nights!
*    I absolutely love the beach!
*    I never thought I could or would have two precious children!  

Paper:        I have collections of papers like maps, receipts, pages from different books, letters, stamps, seed packets, used fast food bags (even the french fry bags), cigar collars, candy wrappers, tickets stubs, lists, found papers that are so inspirational.  I have tried to organize these papers but the collection grows at such a rate that I can’t keep up with it.

Fabric:     Old and new fabrics are in stacks in my studio.  My favorite pieces are vintage or just used cloth napkins.  They absorb the paint so well, and then the pencil on the painted fabric looks so nice and shiny.

Notions:    There is nothing like finding a box of unwanted thread, bric-a-brac, needles, yarn, zippers and bias tape.  I’m like a child finding a box of brand new shiny candies and it’s all mine!

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