Tuesday, June 20, 2017

One of my altered book journals!

So excited about this altered book journal I wanted to share it with you even before it is finished!  
I have filled it with treasures from my paper stash, punched circles, added an accordion pocket in the back, added a couple of pockets throughout, painted the cover (more to do to finish that part of it) and reinforced the pages with masking tape.

 I love how the pages peek through the cut out circles and this pineapple paper is a lovely blue!

 I found an old hippy cookbook recently at a sale and thought I would share some of the pages in this book!

 I added different size papers to the book as well as took away pages so as not to be too bulky!

Magazine pages, notebook paper, recipes and more!

 I couldn't resist using this squirrel illustration!

 Beavers too!

 After removing many pages from the original signatures I decided to reinforce the binding inside with masking tape.  I love the color of masking tape.

 Of course I can't resist adding a McDonald's french fry bag as a pocket to add all the circles I cut out!

 I also added in a few loose papers for your convenience to use as you like.

 I will be painting the pages towards that back that I have glued together to make a little bit thicker.  I want to add just a little bit of color to get the inspiration rolling!

 These two pictures are details of the accordion pocket I added in the back of the book.  I will add a few pieces of ephemera to use as you will.  

 Even after taking many pages out of the book, in the end it is still fairly bulky but I will add a band around the book to help keep the goodies inside!

 I rounded the pages to keep it sweet.

 I am very pleased with the way this altered book has turned out.  I am going to try and finish it so that I can post it in my shop as soon as possible.  I have others in the works as well.  I will share them soon!

Soon I plan to try my hand at Youtube!  I feel like you can see and experience the details of my art and altered books a lot better that way.  But we will see!  Not sure I have the nerve to be on camera!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

#2 Peek inside another sketchbook spread in progress...

#2 peek on another spread in my sketchbook in progress.  We recently went to the beach so I had some free time to get some ideas down on paper.  I like to do quick starts and come back to them later in just about all of my books.  Soon I'll do a post on all the different sketchbooks and notebooks I work in at one time!    

Sorry for the small pictures but for some reason if I enlarge them they are blurry.  I'm taking the pictures with my phone camera because that is what is convenient at the moment.

I used a lot of different papers in this layout.  Acrylic painted book pages, an old cloth napkin (I love painting on napkins I get from the thrift store), unpainted book pages, some wrapping paper, and an old sketch from an old sketchbook in the corner.  I also used some previously punched paper hearts.  This time I didn't put any paint down first, glued all down and painted over the top with my Golden gel medium after I did a quick green paint and stencil over the top.

As mentioned in a previous post, I often feel the need to create on both sides of the paper when working in a book or sketchbook.  Sometimes I will make the two similar but not always, guess it depends on my mood and the time of the month :/

As you can see in this one, I used the same stencil and green acrylic paint.  But I did lay down a blue acrylic to get it started.  Again, I couldn't resist leaving the deer illustration as it is so vintage and I love the muted and subtle colors.  I added used stamps, some cut out images of steaks from an old cookbook, painted acrylic book pages, wrapping paper, misc pretty paper, a sticker from the top of a spool of thread and a little piece of painted acrylic blue paper and a blue string in the middle.

I really love how the paper feels after I have gotten a solid dry coat of the Golden get medium over the top.  It makes the page feel thicker and slightly stiff.  I recently bought a corner punch that adds to the look of the layout as well.

Again, this layout is in progress.  I'm thinking I want to add more of the orange and pink paints over the papers and see what happens.  Sometimes what I might be thinking right now will change and once I sit down at my desk my ideas will change as the lighting is different and the readily available art supplies will influence me!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A peak inside one of my many sketchbooks

A work in progress...

I started this layout in my Natural History sketchbook and wanted to share so far.  I first laid down a brown acrylic on both sides leaving the existing image of the white seal on the right.  I love the images in this book.  Prior to starting on the book I removed several pages to make room for bulk and ended up leaving many pages because I loved the images so much, too much to remove.  

Remembering this is a work in progress, I have then laid down bits and pieces of scrap papers.  I used an envelope, map, previously painted book pages, stitched piece of paper, a photograph (in the middle of a shadow) and a piece of pattern paper.  I tried to stay in the brown mood with a touch of blue.

You can see in the picture to the right that I have removed some pages from the book but it is so awesome!  The existing pictures are amazing! The book is called The Golden Treasury of Natural History by Bertha Morris Parker.  

I absolutely love using maps in collages and I'm getting the hang of using my photos as well.  I used Golden Matte Finish Gel to apply the  paper pieces. I like using the mat finish to avoid sticking and of course I love that matte finish! 

The right side is painted brown acrylic only at the bottom.  I left the white snow seal and beautiful snow drifted tree branches.

I love adding my used french fry bags as pockets.  Makes a good reason to eat them!  The transparent bags really add to the page.  I don't even care if you see the logo, it adds a touch of red!

The added pieces of paper here are acrylic painted scraps of notebook paper and book pages. 

For the pocket I added an unused library card I found in another book.  I painted pink acrylic, stenciled a gold feather and added pencil drawings of feathers of a bird. 

I have much more planned for this layout.  I may add some stenciling as well as some words, either cut out or drawn.  We shall see...