Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Me and the girls!

Clarissa loves getting her picture made and she always looks great even if her hair is dirty!  She's so pretty and smart, I can't believe she is already 7! 
We were just playing around with my camera phone and she was behind me making faces as always...miss silly willy clowny clown!
Lula loves to paint and even more she loves to mix up stuff on the paper surface like glitter glues, play dough, paint and markers.  She's a true mixed media artist for sure!  On this day we said forget cleaning the house and went down to the studio to get busy with our paints.  We have to sneak these days in when no one else is home.
As you can see in the background, Clifford was helping her with her design here.
Her brush strokes are wild and free.  I love to watch and learn from her.  She always chooses odd colors and they seem to make since when she starts mixing them.
This design is one she does often and almost often she tells me that it's a picture of me!
I love the freedom of her artwork and hope that it continues.  I have witnessed how school rules and time have influenced Clarissa's art in a way that makes me sad.  She draws and paints in a more restricted way.  The images she paints or draws have to be structured and have purpose unlike when she was younger and they didn't have any of that.  I guess as time goes on and we learn the way of the world it's hard to let those lessons go and be free in our minds to create what we feel and not what we see and learn.  Freedom to create like a 2 or 3 year old, that's my goal!

Monday, March 20, 2017

In the studio...

I can't take much more of this headcold/allergies!  I hate being sick because I hate missing out on life when I have to lay down on the sofa for days and then I just don't feel like doing anything even after I'm feeling better.  The cold seems to kick out any motivation!  I can't get the house clean, I don't feel like exercising, and the list goes on.  Meanwhile the house is being wrecked by the girls and the electritian is coming to wire the clubhouse and I start my new job Monday!  But, even though I am still not totally feeling myself yet I was able to make it downstairs to my studio this past week and make a little bit and it was WONDERFUL!  Maybe that's what I needed to make me feel better!
I started making a new upcycled book art journal to include in my Etsy shop.  I am revamping the book by tearing out pages, painting pages, adding is going to be awesome!  I really don't want to sell it I like it so much myself!
While Lula Mae and I were in the studio I took a few pictures of some of the room.  I bought this old typewriter several years ago and decided to pay a lot of money to have it refurbished.  It works like a champ but I have no idea how peeps typed on these things back then.  I don't know the year but I do know that even after I have typed on it for a while now I still can't get the hang of it. 
I love this little yellow bookshelf.  The books look right at home in it.  It sits behind my desk so I can easily get to it when I need a journal or notebook, paper or book to read.  I loved how the lighting was in this picture, the window is right above.
The girls and I recently did a Mighty Dollar run and they had some of the tapes you see here.  All to the left were at the dollar store for a DOLLAR!
I thought I would share this way of cleaning up your space.  It's a shoe rack and you may have seen it before but just as a reminder, it makes a great catch all for small items in a room.
Lastly, I took this picture to show you how we store our paintbrushes, scissors, and putty old jelly jars and large tin cans.  A great way to recycle!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I discovered Lush!

I discovered Lush!
Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

So I was in Las Vegas and I had some free time to hang out.  My friend Mary and I were looking for a few cerseis for some special people in our lives.

We started walking and came across this awesome store called LUSH, and yes, this little lushious store was in the Mandalay Bay!  It was awesome and had some awesome peeps representing!
So we entered with caution and quickly filled up our baskets with way too much Lush stuff!
I believe my most favorite item was the Tooth Powder in Tooth Fairy flavor!  This strawberry flavored tooth powder is a treat in itself!  You wet your brush, stick it into the powder and brush away.  They also had Toothy Tabs I will be trying next...tooth paste tablets you chew and brush...amazing!
I was beside myself when I found these little play doe looking soaps!  It was a kaleidoscope of color you could use as soap or shampoo or even run it under the water to get bubble bath.  Not to mention the fact that it smells just like candy!!!  ($9.95)
Their bath bombs were the bomb!  We got Ickle Baby Bot, Fizzbanger, Pink and Butterball.  The bomb adds a touch of fizz to your day.  You drop a bomb into your bathwater and it really explodes color and scent that you will not believe!
Bubblegum lip scrub...buff away rough skin by rubbing gently on your lips, then...lick off the sugar for a little treat!  The girls love this one!!!
I couldn't resist this little tin...Imogen Rose...solid perfume!  The scent is a delicate romantic floral...rose petals...mmm

But what amazed me the most were these two products:  the heart is a solid body cream, Shimmy, Shimmy with glitter in it...yes, I said glitter and it stays on too!  The other patty is a solid shampoo bar!  I was beside myself when this was introduced to me.  They even have a solid conditioner but I couldn't get everything now could I?!
The one thing I got that I'm not that crazy about with the Refresher Shower Jelly.  It was like Jello and a little hard to handle in the tub or shower but the scent was awesome...lemon!  To the right here you will see the LUSH solid body scrub with coco butter.  Made my skin so soft I didn't even need a lotion after my bath.

I hope this will give you an idea of how amazing LUSH is and try some out yourself!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Getting messy

I have began making my favorite handmade upcycled journals again and am excited to say I have already completed two and in am in the process of getting them posted on my etsy shop!  And many more are in the making!!!  Back when I was operating as the green wardrobe I sold them on my etsy and in shows...each one is unique in size, color, and insides.  I love creating the inside of each journal as they are journal pages made from all sorts of papers, fast food bags, and painted magazine pages and book pages!

Lula Mae was getting into her paintings, I love how she is so free and loose with her creations...extremely inspirational!  Lula Mae really enjoys painting as well as mixing in cut papers.  It's very interesting to watch her create!

Sometimes my desk gets so messy I can't find what I need.  Do other artist's desks get this way or is it just me?

I'm loving sewing papers together for my journals, ATC's, my art journals and collages with my handy dandy sewing machine.  I need to get started on a new Dottie Angel pattern I've had for a while now.

While Scott and I were in Las Vegas recently I had a chance to get busy with a few art journals I took with me!  The book above is going to be an art journal incorporating family photos.  I used acrylic paints, ink, some fluid acrylics, stencils, pencil and black pen on both.

This book is graph paper that I love but once I got started the original graph paper quickly disappeared.  I'm almost finished with the other side of this one, they kinda go together.  When I work in an opened two page layout I feel the need to work on both sides in the same vein....making them similar in style.