Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ideas to check out!

1.  Erosion bundle
2.  Who dyeing
3.  Solar jar
4.  Ecoprinting
5.  Nature journals

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Having fun!

Had fun with Ronald for LFE Spirit Night! I was surprised that Lula Mae wasn't afraid of ol' Ron!

Lula Mae was invited to her first birthday party from school friends this weekend!  And then another!  In the same weekend!  Momma's tired!

The one of the birthday parties was amazing!  It was a fairy garden tea party!  I hope you enjoy the pictures because Lula Mae and I really enjoyed being there!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

hanging out in the san souci community garden

Emily McSherry and Matt Fassas as well as Nikki Talley played at the San Souci Community Garden this past Sunday and we actually made it out to see the show!  
 The girls had a great time dancing, listening and playing! 
 I love the atmosphere there, it's a great set up for music, movies and families!  They even have an inside bathroom!!!
Okay so now we have to get a swing like this on a tree in our yard as soon as possible Scott Hart!
 My latest experiments in image transfers.  These three are packing tape transfers directly into my junk journal.
 I particularly like the way the typed words underneath the transfer can be seen and the transferred words came out unexpected great!
After I made these transfers from packing tape I decided to try the gel medium technique.  I'll try to post those soon!
I like both processes although the gel medium technique was slightly more time consuming because you had to let the gel dry completely before removing the paper.  Both techniques are great, giving two totally different looks and feelings with the transferred image.  The tape image is shiny but the gel image is more matt and painterly.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Junk Journals Finally!

This journal is an altered book.  I sewed orange bric-a-brac to the edges and added
a few of my original artworks as pages to journal on.
I used all kinds of misc. papers to add
to the restructured books!
I am so excited to let everyone know that I finally got 8 junk journals made for my etsy shop!  It only took me forever!  I used to make these little books in my old etsy shop as well as sell them at craft shows as the Green Wardrobe.  After not making them for so long I decided to dive in and make a few again and I totally forgot how much fun it is to make them.  You can get so creative in the process and there are so many techniques!  Some books are altered and added to and others are completely restructured.

Purchase here!
I couldn't decide which technique I liked better altering a vintage book or completely reconstructing a vintage book.  I should note that I prefer to use the word "vintage" and not "old" when referring to the books I use.  It just sounds better, they are not necessary vintage but not brand new.  I actually don't particularly like vintage books because
most of the time they stink and the pages are too brittle!

I love using used, yes I said USED, McDonald's French fry bags for pockets throughout!
Purchase here!
 I love using magazine pages, book pages, as well as my heart punch in these books...some books have added collage bits and pieces to help inspire you!

I have used pattern paper here and there and either used or new library check out cards in some!
Purchase here!

On a couple of the journals I added an accordion file folder for you to collect some paper goodies in while out and about with your junk journal.  I've included a few pages in the back or front I have painted on to help get you started for collaging, drawing or writing on!
Travel with this junk journal altered book and have plenty of room to write down your adventures and glue down your pictures!