This is me...
Leslie:  I'm a mother of two crazy little girls, a wife, a mixed media and collage artist, 
art journalist, thrift store junkie and part-time legal secretary.

This space was created to connect and inspire crafters, artists, hobbyists and anyone, really, to continue on with their passion for self-expression and all things creative.

I will share my life and experiences here as my blog serves as an online journal and keeper of thoughts, feelings and experiences as well as sharing my art and journals and journeys in life.

My sweet family:
I am married to my best friend Scott Hart now for 27 years and we have two little girls!  Scott plays guitar and bass and sings.  His passions are recording his songs and building things around the house.  We constantly have multiple projects going on inside and out! 

1.  feathers
2.  misc. papers
3.  art supplies
4.  80's dresses
5.  clutch bags
6.  Vera scarves
7.  suitcases


1.  cut, glue and paint paper and fabric
2.  sew paper
3.  list maker
4.  art journaling
5.  photography (mostly b/w)
6.  mail art

10 Fun Facts:

-avid thrifter
-don't like to swallow pills
-love to eat sushi
-not crazy about going to the movies
-love rainy Thursdays
-don't like to shop (especially grocery shopping)
-my art space is always messy
-prefer to wear dresses
-carry multiple bags with me everywhere!
-Scott calls my car a fishing car!

Long Term Goals:

1.  Get all my photos organized and printed!

2.  Art journal at least twice a week.

3.  Loose 10 pounds!

Mail Art:
I am a huge mail art participant and love trading in the mail artist trading cards, postcards and goodie packages.  If you want to trade, email me to discuss! 

Other counties I have traveled:

Porto Rico
Dominican Republic


EMAIL: lesliehartstudio@gmail.com 

STUDIO ADDRESS:  228 Lake Fairfield Drive, Greenville, SC 29615

Social Media:





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