Tuesday, June 20, 2017

One of my altered book journals!

So excited about this altered book journal I wanted to share it with you even before it is finished!  
I have filled it with treasures from my paper stash, punched circles, added an accordion pocket in the back, added a couple of pockets throughout, painted the cover (more to do to finish that part of it) and reinforced the pages with masking tape.

 I love how the pages peek through the cut out circles and this pineapple paper is a lovely blue!

 I found an old hippy cookbook recently at a sale and thought I would share some of the pages in this book!

 I added different size papers to the book as well as took away pages so as not to be too bulky!

Magazine pages, notebook paper, recipes and more!

 I couldn't resist using this squirrel illustration!

 Beavers too!

 After removing many pages from the original signatures I decided to reinforce the binding inside with masking tape.  I love the color of masking tape.

 Of course I can't resist adding a McDonald's french fry bag as a pocket to add all the circles I cut out!

 I also added in a few loose papers for your convenience to use as you like.

 I will be painting the pages towards that back that I have glued together to make a little bit thicker.  I want to add just a little bit of color to get the inspiration rolling!

 These two pictures are details of the accordion pocket I added in the back of the book.  I will add a few pieces of ephemera to use as you will.  

 Even after taking many pages out of the book, in the end it is still fairly bulky but I will add a band around the book to help keep the goodies inside!

 I rounded the pages to keep it sweet.

 I am very pleased with the way this altered book has turned out.  I am going to try and finish it so that I can post it in my shop as soon as possible.  I have others in the works as well.  I will share them soon!

Soon I plan to try my hand at Youtube!  I feel like you can see and experience the details of my art and altered books a lot better that way.  But we will see!  Not sure I have the nerve to be on camera!

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