Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A peak inside one of my many sketchbooks

A work in progress...

I started this layout in my Natural History sketchbook and wanted to share so far.  I first laid down a brown acrylic on both sides leaving the existing image of the white seal on the right.  I love the images in this book.  Prior to starting on the book I removed several pages to make room for bulk and ended up leaving many pages because I loved the images so much, too much to remove.  

Remembering this is a work in progress, I have then laid down bits and pieces of scrap papers.  I used an envelope, map, previously painted book pages, stitched piece of paper, a photograph (in the middle of a shadow) and a piece of pattern paper.  I tried to stay in the brown mood with a touch of blue.

You can see in the picture to the right that I have removed some pages from the book but it is so awesome!  The existing pictures are amazing! The book is called The Golden Treasury of Natural History by Bertha Morris Parker.  

I absolutely love using maps in collages and I'm getting the hang of using my photos as well.  I used Golden Matte Finish Gel to apply the  paper pieces. I like using the mat finish to avoid sticking and of course I love that matte finish! 

The right side is painted brown acrylic only at the bottom.  I left the white snow seal and beautiful snow drifted tree branches.

I love adding my used french fry bags as pockets.  Makes a good reason to eat them!  The transparent bags really add to the page.  I don't even care if you see the logo, it adds a touch of red!

The added pieces of paper here are acrylic painted scraps of notebook paper and book pages. 

For the pocket I added an unused library card I found in another book.  I painted pink acrylic, stenciled a gold feather and added pencil drawings of feathers of a bird. 

I have much more planned for this layout.  I may add some stenciling as well as some words, either cut out or drawn.  We shall see...

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