Wednesday, June 7, 2017

#2 Peek inside another sketchbook spread in progress...

#2 peek on another spread in my sketchbook in progress.  We recently went to the beach so I had some free time to get some ideas down on paper.  I like to do quick starts and come back to them later in just about all of my books.  Soon I'll do a post on all the different sketchbooks and notebooks I work in at one time!    

Sorry for the small pictures but for some reason if I enlarge them they are blurry.  I'm taking the pictures with my phone camera because that is what is convenient at the moment.

I used a lot of different papers in this layout.  Acrylic painted book pages, an old cloth napkin (I love painting on napkins I get from the thrift store), unpainted book pages, some wrapping paper, and an old sketch from an old sketchbook in the corner.  I also used some previously punched paper hearts.  This time I didn't put any paint down first, glued all down and painted over the top with my Golden gel medium after I did a quick green paint and stencil over the top.

As mentioned in a previous post, I often feel the need to create on both sides of the paper when working in a book or sketchbook.  Sometimes I will make the two similar but not always, guess it depends on my mood and the time of the month :/

As you can see in this one, I used the same stencil and green acrylic paint.  But I did lay down a blue acrylic to get it started.  Again, I couldn't resist leaving the deer illustration as it is so vintage and I love the muted and subtle colors.  I added used stamps, some cut out images of steaks from an old cookbook, painted acrylic book pages, wrapping paper, misc pretty paper, a sticker from the top of a spool of thread and a little piece of painted acrylic blue paper and a blue string in the middle.

I really love how the paper feels after I have gotten a solid dry coat of the Golden get medium over the top.  It makes the page feel thicker and slightly stiff.  I recently bought a corner punch that adds to the look of the layout as well.

Again, this layout is in progress.  I'm thinking I want to add more of the orange and pink paints over the papers and see what happens.  Sometimes what I might be thinking right now will change and once I sit down at my desk my ideas will change as the lighting is different and the readily available art supplies will influence me!

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