Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday's "To Do" list and my spirit animal!

1.  Clear off and clean my dresser, sort through all the stuff on the top, organize and put away.  
2.  Straighten the studio and begin to organize better...a project life/scrapbook caddy, sort stickers, die cuts, and magazine cutouts better. Get supplies off the floor!
3.  Gather sidewalk chalk and bubbles for school.

If I get the studio cleaned up by bath time it will be a miracle!  I tend to make a mess every time I work.  I need to get in the habit of putting items up where they go after I use them!  

I've recently started making notes of who/what my spirit animal is.  I've had so many encounters with animals recently that I'm having a difficult time deciding!  


-In early spring of 2015 the girls and I were on our way to drop off at K4 and daycare when a deer ran across the road in front of our car in our neighborhood!

-Early fall of 2016 we had two barred owls show themselves frequently in the evening on a limb above our driveway.  We would stand below their limb and look at them amazed at their beauty.  On two separate occasions we came home to find them perched on the rail of our back deck and landing in our backyard obviously catching small pray for dinner.

-Early spring of 2017 I was taking the trash out when I heard movement behind me, I turned around and a very large raccoon was crossing the driveway while I watched him.  He kind of sneaked behind me until I heard him and then when I turned around he picked up his speed to get into the drain pipe of safety, all this prior to dusk.

-Every year we have two tree frogs (probably not the same ones every year) live at our trashcans.  Me and the girls always look for them on the cans before taking them to the street for pick up and there's always one hanging out there.  We pick him up and the girls talk to him while he squirms to get away!

So with all of that said, I'm mostly drawn to the owl.  It was one of the first sounds Scott and I heard when we moved into this house almost 17 years ago.  We hear them almost every night calling out to each other and from time to time have seen them flying from tree to tree.  But since last fall we haven't seen them that intimately again.  

I plan to do more studying on the owls and other animals.  I think you can have more than one spirit animal and this may be my case.  It's hard to tell.  I'll keep you posted on any messages I may get on this journey. 


  1. So Many encounters! I've done a little research into my own Spirit animal (Dolphine) when I was told I had one during a reading. There are also a set of Spirit Animal oracle cards. Try these sites:
    I found this book at the library: Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small
    I look forward to reading what you discover.

    1. Thank you Diane! I can't wait to see if our library has this book! As far as the other sites you recommend...I'm there for sure! When I recently came across the idea of having a spirit animal I was so confused because of all the encounters I have had. I will try to post soon as I am still working on my studies! Thanks for reading!!!