Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Thrifty finds this weekend!

I can't believe the goodies we found this weekend!  The girls and I ventured out to the neighborhood Aldersgate Methodist Church for their huge yard sale!  We even went twice!  Each time we came away with our arms full!  I didn't get a picture of everything but this is the bulk of it.  I found a ton of books to alter into art journals!  

I couldn't believe it when I found these wicker handbags...$2 each!

Build a bear tennis shoes for 25 cents!!

This was a cool little wooden box full of notions was expensive I thought but I couldn't resist! $5

This item is what I love to use when we travel.  It has such great pockets for your ID, passport, and whatnot.  Makes it a lot of easier to travel and keep up with my tickets and money.  

Books books and more books to make journals out of!!!

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