Monday, March 20, 2017

In the studio...

I can't take much more of this headcold/allergies!  I hate being sick because I hate missing out on life when I have to lay down on the sofa for days and then I just don't feel like doing anything even after I'm feeling better.  The cold seems to kick out any motivation!  I can't get the house clean, I don't feel like exercising, and the list goes on.  Meanwhile the house is being wrecked by the girls and the electritian is coming to wire the clubhouse and I start my new job Monday!  But, even though I am still not totally feeling myself yet I was able to make it downstairs to my studio this past week and make a little bit and it was WONDERFUL!  Maybe that's what I needed to make me feel better!
I started making a new upcycled book art journal to include in my Etsy shop.  I am revamping the book by tearing out pages, painting pages, adding is going to be awesome!  I really don't want to sell it I like it so much myself!
While Lula Mae and I were in the studio I took a few pictures of some of the room.  I bought this old typewriter several years ago and decided to pay a lot of money to have it refurbished.  It works like a champ but I have no idea how peeps typed on these things back then.  I don't know the year but I do know that even after I have typed on it for a while now I still can't get the hang of it. 
I love this little yellow bookshelf.  The books look right at home in it.  It sits behind my desk so I can easily get to it when I need a journal or notebook, paper or book to read.  I loved how the lighting was in this picture, the window is right above.
The girls and I recently did a Mighty Dollar run and they had some of the tapes you see here.  All to the left were at the dollar store for a DOLLAR!
I thought I would share this way of cleaning up your space.  It's a shoe rack and you may have seen it before but just as a reminder, it makes a great catch all for small items in a room.
Lastly, I took this picture to show you how we store our paintbrushes, scissors, and putty old jelly jars and large tin cans.  A great way to recycle!

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