Saturday, February 25, 2017

Getting messy

I have began making my favorite handmade upcycled journals again and am excited to say I have already completed two and in am in the process of getting them posted on my etsy shop!  And many more are in the making!!!  Back when I was operating as the green wardrobe I sold them on my etsy and in shows...each one is unique in size, color, and insides.  I love creating the inside of each journal as they are journal pages made from all sorts of papers, fast food bags, and painted magazine pages and book pages!

Lula Mae was getting into her paintings, I love how she is so free and loose with her creations...extremely inspirational!  Lula Mae really enjoys painting as well as mixing in cut papers.  It's very interesting to watch her create!

Sometimes my desk gets so messy I can't find what I need.  Do other artist's desks get this way or is it just me?

I'm loving sewing papers together for my journals, ATC's, my art journals and collages with my handy dandy sewing machine.  I need to get started on a new Dottie Angel pattern I've had for a while now.

While Scott and I were in Las Vegas recently I had a chance to get busy with a few art journals I took with me!  The book above is going to be an art journal incorporating family photos.  I used acrylic paints, ink, some fluid acrylics, stencils, pencil and black pen on both.

This book is graph paper that I love but once I got started the original graph paper quickly disappeared.  I'm almost finished with the other side of this one, they kinda go together.  When I work in an opened two page layout I feel the need to work on both sides in the same vein....making them similar in style.

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