Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Getting messy with my journals!

Yesterday afternoon the weather was nice so after picking up the girls from school and nini's we headed outside to play in our backyard.  We don't do that often because the clubhouse, which we plan to call our cottage from now on, isn't finished making it difficult for the girls to play in it.  Of course they want me to take all of the construction stuff out so they can come and go but that's just impossible unless I plan to work out there.  But this afternoon we decided to go play out there anyway.  At the last minute I grabbed my vintage suitcase of art supplies and other goodies and headed out to do some journaling on our broken down picnic table!  I should have taken a picture of the time.

The girls played well together, I only had to remind them once or twice to do so.  I rummaged through my stash of papers and came across this older picture of the girls and it fit so well considering the lovely afternoon and the girls playing in the background as I painted.

I was able to get a few quick color studies thrown down on the paper and the first one I actually finished.  The ones below I may add a photo to later but for now I loved the color combination I chose which was grabbing some bottles of cheap paint on the way out the door!  I checked the prompt from Get Messy and will execute that prompt the next time I sit down.  I have read the journal prompt several times and enjoyed the mental part of it but am really looking forward to executing the art prompt, it's been a long time since I did a self portrait!

I did some splattering of the black paint and Clarissa asked me at dinner did I plan on washing off the black spots on my face.  She doesn't miss anything.

Almost all of the colors I chose on the way out the door are old paints.  They were clumpy and slightly sticky but I love the different textures they created on the paper.

The sketchbook I chose was an old notepad of graph paper.  I didn't really incorporate the graph design on these studies but it was very inspirational and I plan to do that the next time. 

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