Monday, January 9, 2017

Our first snow in 2017!

I can't believe it has snowed so early in the year!  During the fall there were so many acorns on the ground and so many people were saying that that was a sign of a long and hard winter.  Well, it has started that's for sure!  It is so cold outside, for the last few days since the snow it has been in the teens and low 20's!  It's COLD! 

We have all had a ball playing in the snow and sliding down the hill at the circle and in the backyard!  Fun times to remember!

This snow was good for snowballs but we just couldn't get it stick good enough for a snowman!  Next time! 

The weather got cold before we could get the clubhouse finished but I will say we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  We just need some power and outside paint and then we are ready to start painting and decorating the inside!  It's going to be great!  Not sure who will enjoy more, me or the girls!

Clarissa really enjoyed eating the snow!

While Lula and I tried really hard to get it to stick for a snowman with not much luck...

It was definitely a beautiful fun time outside and really really cold!  I love how different it looks when the winter weather is upon us but I do miss the green leaves on the trees!

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