Saturday, January 7, 2017

80's Fashion and that Grunge look!

Obviously I'm an 80's girl!  I was 12 years old and I think in the 6th grade (I didn't turn 5 until November so I had to wait a year to start K5) in 1980, and the rest is history! 
Early on I gave in to the styles and fashion of the 80's.  I wore the oxford shirts with ribbon bowties with my denim jacket.  Then I got old enough to figure out how cool I could look by altering my clothes I bought at the thrift store.  Looking back, the thrift stores back then were like heaven for me!  As soon as I got my own apartment after high school, I decorated it completely from the thrift store!  
It was awesome in the 80's in my opinion, lot's of really great memories!

Check this outfit out!  Navy oxford shirt, purple ribbon bowtie and white sweater.  I can't remember what pants or skirt I had on for Picture Day that year...can't remember the year either but I think it was maybe 82/83?!  Man I loved the 80's!!!

I'm so proud of this outfit I made!  I think I was in middle school maybe here as well, 8th grade?  The shirt was awesome, it was a printed vintage men's shirt I took the collar off of and sewed the edge and then wore an oversized men's navy sweater vest over it!  Don't you like that hair too?!  Got tons of eyeshadow on too ;)

This was Tracy Kirby's car we drove around town in!  We drove in the 80's but it was a mid 70's Firebird? I think?!  We would drive to Burger King at midnight and get a late night snack in this puppy!
Scott recently shared an Allure article with me that talked about the fashion forecast for 2017.  I gathered a lot of my photos below from Pinterest to give you an idea of the upcoming fashion trend for 2017 as well as my favorites. 

One of my favorite fashion trends from the 80's was the oversized suit jacket with jeans, jeans, jeans and Doc Martins.  I never really wore the large hair bow in my hair but it does look cute!  I need to make note to try to find a mens vintage oversized blazer for my wardrobe this winter...that won't be easy though, these days it's hard to find that sort of thing in the thrift stores.  I guess cause my hobby has been found out by many others!!!

Still today I wear band t-shirts and I don't think that will ever be uncool.  But vintage band t-shirts are hard to find because the original owners worn them out to threads.  Luckily today you can find some pretty cool band t-shirts at Old Navy!  I like how this model put the polka dot long sleeve shirt underneath.

Denim rocks for sure, especially if it's old and worn.  Cut up jeans are being worn again and I myself found them at good ol Old Navy (again).  I love her McDonald handbag and it's only 60 bucks!

Stripes and denim mini skirts, Doc Martin boots, and a beret.  I've never even tried on a beret and mini skirts are for younger peeps but for us older girls we could wear a denim skirt that's a little bit longer with our striped shirt and Docs!

Denim overalls are totally awesome and I used to have a few pairs that I wore while gardening but I don't think I have them anymore.  Gotta add that to my thrift store list!  Overalls are so comfy, I personally have had enough of those tight jeans that everybody wears with their camera around their neck!  The striped shirt really adds that 80's look to the outfit.   

Okay, if anyone needs to know what I want for Mother's MTV television, oversized sweatshirt!  I'm loving the  striped oxford shirt underneath and the black ribbon bowtie!  Oh, and guess what, I still crimp my hair from time to time!!! 

Can't take the 80's out this girl!

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