Wednesday, December 21, 2016

today's list...12/21/16

List for today:
1.  work
2.  go by Dr. Crocket's office to pick up receipt for Scott
3.  pick up girls
4.  get gifts out of back of car
5.  dust
6.  wipe down kitchen cabinets 
7.  exercise - pilates!
8.  take Clarissa to Angie's

paper collage in vintage frame
Leslie Hart Studio

Three more days until Christmas!  I can't believe the big day is almost here!

I recently heard a story of a couple of parents had told their children that their parents were Santa Claus but to not tell other people of this secret.  Well that made me churn inside, to think that a parent would take that fantasy away from a child, to not allow them to pretend and would undoubtedly tell another child to only confuse them and possibly start a riot!  I don't understand why a parent would do that to a their child.  One excuse that the parents have for telling this to their children was because they didn't want to tell this lie to their children.  My question to the parent would be, "Do you always tell the truth?"  I truly believe that a child should be allowed to fantasize not to mention an adult!  If we take fantasy away, what is left to the imagination? 

I say we let Santa Claus exist forever! 

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