Friday, December 30, 2016

Life these days before we head over to 2017!

I have to say I have enjoyed this year and am looking forward to a new one ahead of us.  This year we have been blessed with good health, love and happiness.  Our families have enjoyed life and continue to as we ring in the new year! 

I look forward to a new year of art journaling with Get Messy, the challenges of my office life at Clarkson Walsh, maybe a snow or two (with no ice), family vacations which will hopefully include a camping trip with friends (the Lindsay family), Lula Mae starting to K4 school (this little girl is growing up way too fast), Clarissa starting 2nd grade (I can't believe she's going to be a 2nd grader!), days and evenings at McCarter Community Pool with friends and the family, lots of sunshine (wishing it were warm now!), growing and getting more involved with Westminster Presbyterian Church and lots more!
Santa brought a linking log kit for Christmas this year and it took about 30 minutes for the girls and Scott to follow the directions and make this little cabin.

I was amazed at how long it took me to build one was well.  I thought it would be easier than it was!  Especially since the game is labeled ages 3 and up! 

Even though it took some time to complete, it did turn out awesome comes apart too easily!

I wanted to share with my blog friends the lovely dresses that Nina made for the girls!  I love the Peter Pan collars best of all!  The like dressing up but they love more than that running around chasing each other!  Even in dresses!

The girls and I have so enjoyed the warm weather lately.  They have played and played, chasing each other around the yard, hiding under the bushes and kicking the ball around.  Recently we even went down to the park at the church playground and played for at least an hour while I completed a few pages in my daily glue book soon to be revealed once I complete it.  It's my first one!

Plans for the new year include redoing a lot of the house!  First project will be the bathrooms, pictures of the bathroom to come!  Ideas are floating around but nothing solid so far...

In this picture you will see there are existing windows on the side but we really want a sliding door in place of one of the window units and a bigger and more united decking area.

Not to mention the fact that the clubhouse is almost finished!  An updated on that process coming soon!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe new year celebration!  We plan to glide in safely and quietly in the security of our home!  While drinking champagne of course!

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