Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My recent art supply haul!

While on our trip to the mountains this past weekend I got to go to Cheap Joes in Asheville to spend some gift certificates Scott had given me and Clarissa for Christmas last year!  I was like a kid in a candy store and didn't want to leave!  I loved where they had the store, it was in an old warehouse complex that was being renovated into what looked to be a few other store fronts on the road and then in the back...studio space for rent!  I look forward to visiting the studios when they finish!!! 

I was so excited that I almost forgot I had a list of things I had made just in case I went blank once I got inside, and that is what happened!  They didn't have a lot in the store, which was expected if you've ever seen their catalog so I will complete my list soon online.  But this is what they did have and I can't wait to try it all out!  Lula Mae was helping me take the pictures...look at that sweet little hand there!  She was itching to get into her large easel pad there and we did after we finished these pictures.  I'll post those on FB, they were great!

First up was this Golden Fluid Acrylic in Raw Umber.  I have recently been influenced by the fall colors so that was the idea when picking out my paints.  I love browns and often Clarissa and I talk about favorite colors.  She always says hers is pink but when pressured to come up with an answer to this question I almost always say blue or green.  But this selection is brown...what?  Yes, I love brown too.  Recently I attended a Golden seminar hosted by Phil Garrett and was able to not only get a bunch of free, yes free samples but learn a little about each one and this is one that I thought could be used in mixed media collage because of the free flow of the liquid. 

This blew my mind when I saw it...it's a watercolor crayon!  I wanted black but they were sold out.  I think I can order it online though.  Burnt Umber...obviously I was feeling a little bit umber that day!  I wanted the entire collection but it was $128.00 I believe, a little much for me.

Next up is Liquitex Matte Gel Medium that I pretty much live by!  I love to use this as a glue or to make a surface matt to easily adhere other papers to.  I seriously thought about getting a hug jug they had but opted out thinking it might dry a little before I could use it all but it was a great buy!

Clarissa initially decided she wanted to use this drawing doll (not sure what it's really called) as a guide to making Barbie doll clothes.  But then in the car she changed her mind, instead it would be a way of displaying Barbie doll clothes in her room. 

Lula Mae being silly as we were sorting through what she called the "mommy paints!"  I like that!

I picked these spatulas up because I only have one that I found at a thrift store and love how it works with paints and gel mediums.  Mine is just a regular spatula, look at these cool blades on these and the pack was cheap! Look at that little toes in the background!

These easel pads were a great size 14" x 17" I believe and Lula Mae was so excited to get started painting in hers.

These Gelli plates were at the top of my list and I couldn't wait to find them and feel them to really get an idea of what it's all about.  I plan to use these as soon as I can get down to the studio!  I still need an acrylic plate though, I hope to find that at Home Depot.  I'm excited about both sizes but the 3" x  5" is such a great little portable size.  The other is 8" x 10".

Another Golden product, High Flow Acrylic Fluorescent Green!  Can't get any better than this, just a dash over some burnt or raw umber!  MMMM!

Lastly, I finally got me some Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks!  The colors are awesome!!!

Mountain Rose

I'll post soon on how all of these products where used!  Including drawings and paintings from Lula Mae and Clarissa!  

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