Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My first time in Washington, DC July 2016

Sorry this post is so late in the year, I've been a little bit slack lately!  Just living life to its fullest!!!
Scott had a trip to Washington, DC come up at the last minute at work so, we went...without the girls.  July in Washington, DC was much like being at home, it was hot, hot, and hot!  But we made the most of it and had some fun.  In some ways I wish the girls had been with us to have seen some of the monuments but I'm just not sure they would have understood it just yet... 

We stayed at the Water Front...this was the really big farris wheel outside our room.  We did not ride it!
The US Capital...it was extremely amazing.  We got to visit the Senate and the House!  It was really cool to be in the same room that the presidents had been in!
The Abraham Lincoln monument was my favorite!  It was HUGE and really amazing!  Picture do not serve justice!

Again, to be here was special and quite breath taking.
The Washington Monument was so big, I couldn't get it in the picture frame!

I loved Scott's choice of t-shirts that day!
The White House!

Arlington Cemetery was not what I had expected, it was much prettier and very hilly.

The Potomac River was a bute!

We had a great time for 4 days in Washington, DC.  We did as much as we possibly could do in those 4 days.  We didn't make it to all of the monuments and I only put up a few pictures, not all of course.  I didn't want to bore you.  I think the girls will enjoy this trip a few years from now when they can understand a little bit of the history of our country. 

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