Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer Fun...

Going to the pool as much as possible!

Clarissa made a Shrinkie Dink bracelet!

Sorry it's blurry, not sure what happened!  But the pieces turned out awesome and it was super easy...we cut the pieces out of the Shinkie Dink sheet with a circle punch, colored with Prisma pencils and baked them.  Then we went to the Mighty Dollar and bought a charm bracelet for $1, removed the charms and replaced them with the Shinkie Dink charms Clarissa made!

We recently gave chalk paint to two friends for their birthday gift and decided to get us some as well.  How cool is this?!  You just paint on the pavement with the chalk and the colors were intense and stayed there forever!

Lula Mae has enjoyed cooking for her Cookie Monster family at the art table!

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