Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Our Family Summer Vacation!

Our summer vacation took place this year at our favorite place...Folly Beach, Charleston, SC!
We love Folly and everything about it!  This year my sister and her extended family that lives in California was able to join us!!!  Yeah!!!  As you will see below, we had some great adventures while there at Folly this year.

A loggerhead turtle had laid her eggs right at the end of our deck this year!  We kept hoping we would see them hatch but they stayed in their cozy eggs while we were there!
Even though there were threats of sharks in the waters we still could not resist jumping the ocean waves.  Not only did the girls enjoy the ocean but daddy did too.
I loved the poses I was getting on our first afternoon there!
Clarissa would have stayed out all day if I had let her...my little mermaid!

Findings one day.  We weren't picky at all, we just kept on picking them up no matter what they looked like.  I enjoyed that, it was a feeling of freedom to not worry about the perfections of the shells all around us.  We didn't care of the size, shape, color or broken pieces.  If it looked like a piece of shell, we picked it up.  We have plans to paint our findings soon with watercolors and glitter glues and glitter Modge Podge.

Ms. Lula Mae wasn't as excited to spend as much time outside in the sun as Clarissa was.  She was content to just hang out at the house on the screened in porch.  I hope with time and many more visits to Folly she will grow content with the beach.  Ultimately the beach (Folly) is my heaven!  I want the girls to enjoy it as much as I do!
As you can see in this picture, the selection of shells was not a picky one.  We enjoyed them all!!!
On this hot day we all ventured out to see the Morris Island Lighthouse.  It's a little bit of a hike out to see it but it's worth it!  In this picture you will see Clarissa, Lula Mae, Aunt Gena, Cody and Cade.  On the way out to the lighthouse you walk through what appears to be half way demolished buildings.  Not sure what they used to be.

Borrowed picture obviously.
This is out on the beach near the lighthouse.  It's amazingly beautiful and a large home to many animals!
This is the view we had right outside our house we rented.  A storm had just passed.
One day we decided to visit the Angel Oak Tree on James Island.  We all could not believe how big this tree was.  They had made crutches and slings for it to help it stand the test of time and storms.  Clarissa has her new bag she bought at the market the day prior.
Clarissa and Aunt Gena posing like goobers by the hole in the tree!
The gang minus Lula Mae, she was being carried around to see the tree.  They did not like anyone touching it!

This is the storm that came up the night before we left.  It was huge and very scary.  We did enjoy the lightening over the ocean and the cool breeze it created because the power went out for two hours!!!!
Our vacation was awesome as expected at Folly.  We always have to leave before we are ready and the time seems to fly by while there.  We went thrifting, made art, slept a lot, walked the beach, hunted sea shells, visited the lighthouse, saw the amazing Angel Oak Tree and ate lots of really good food just to name a few things.

If you would like to visit Folly Beach in Charleston and need some advise, don't hesitate to ask.  I would live there if I could and like I said above, Folly is my heaven!!!

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