Monday, May 23, 2016

My list for today...Monday, May 23, 2016

1.  Go by library to pick up ordered books by Maira Kalman:
          - Looking at Lincoln
          - Max Make A Million
          - And The Pursuit of Happiness
          - Fireboat:  Heroic Adventures
          - Thomas Jefferson: Life, Liberty
          - Smarty Pants: Pete In School
          - Looking at Lincoln
          - Ooh-la-la (Max In Love)
          - Beloved Dog

(We bought What Pete Ate and Stay Up Late and love, love, love them!)

2.  Drop off after hours key card at pool to be reprogrammed for the year.

3.  Bank

4.  Studio to clean up, wipe down walls, vacuum and drop off key.

5.  It's Zaxby's spirit night on Wade Hampton so if you get dinner there and mention our school the school gets some of the moola for the playground!  Yeah!

6.  Then home to get the bathroom cleaned upstairs!

7.  Lastly pick out Clarissa's outfit for school's Super Hero Day!

Most recent outgoing mail!  One is a package of 2 artist trading cards to Mad Madge and the other is my handmade postcard to a site that takes postcards only!

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