Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Weekend Stuff...

Weekend Stuff... 
This past weekend Lula Mae attended her first movie theater movie at the age of 2.5 and she did GREAT!  We went to see Zootopia and I think I laughed out loud more than the girls did!  My favorite part was the sloths working at the DMV!!!

Clarissa got busy at the art table Sunday while Scott cooked the mac and cheese, I was straightening and gathering and Lula Mae was messing.  She took two pieces of paper and taped them together from the back and created this piece with her new markers below.  I love how she spells her words!

We found these Saturday while out running errands.  Blast Effects markers!  You can draw with the large tips and then by pumping the rubber pad on the end it will spray out ink!  I wish they had more colors in the pack!!!

We also found these Creative Colors pens...chalk paint markers!  Such cool pastel colors!!
While out and about running our errands we had to make a pit stop by our thrift store.  Clarissa calls it ours, but it's really called Miracle Mart.  She insisted that they get one each of these good luck bears.
The Easter 2016 gang after hunting furiously for eggs in the rain!
Clarissa's partner in crime...Crash Robinson.  Cousins forever!
Nina gave the girls kitty masks in their Easter goodie bags.  They really enjoyed walking around meowing and eating candy!
The boys got doggie masks...too cute!
All and all we had a great Easter Sunday.  The girls went to children's church so Scott and I got to enjoy church together!  For the first time Lula Mae stayed in children's church with Clarissa and had a blast!

Happy Easter everybody!

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