Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Weekend Stuff...

Weekend Stuff...

I can't believe how fast the weekends go by! 

We meet the weekend on Friday afternoon and we jam as much as we possibly can into the Friday night, Saturday and Sunday until Sunday evening lands in front of us!  Then it's Monday facing us with responsibilities of the week! 

This past weekend we wanted to take advantage of a coupon we had for Krispie Kreme so, my butt got a little bit bigger this weekend!  
Krispy Kreme always has the cuties seasonal donuts! 
The chicken was my favorite!
Saturday morning got started off with a Kid's Art Workshop - Andy Warhol's Pop Candy!
This was Cameron's Tootsie Roll pop painting and thought she did a great job!  I loved the color combination as well as the subject, one of my favorite candies!!!
This was Clarissa's Gummy Bear and I thought she did a great job as well.  Cameron and I both thought that Clarissa's gummy bear had a lot of expression!  I also liked the way she drew and painted the words.  Good job girls!  What a great way to start off the Saturday!
The girls worked so well together to have such a big age gap....Clarissa is 6 and I believe Cameron is going on 12.
After the girls were finished with their Pop Candy Paintings we had just enough time to put together paper bag portfolios to take home!  I assembled and they painted them...a great way to store your art!  I didn't get a picture of Cameron's, maybe is she see's this post she can post or send me a picture of hers!
Saturday night Scott and I were able to go on a well deserved date!  We had a great time together but all we talked about were the girls and vacation plans!  We ate dinner at Rick Erwins downtown, it was a wonderful a treat.  But after dinner we were ready to pick up the girls and once we got home we all piled up in the bed and cuddled while we watched a little bit of late tv.
Sunday I took the girls to Messy Church at Aldersgate and they had a blast!  I didn't get a shot of the room filled with kids enjoying the event but it was fun and LOUD!
Lula Mae's favorite project was making her own iced graham cracker cookie with jelly beans on top!
Scott decided to treat himself with a new bass guitar!  The Blow Up is playing in a Beatles Tribute in April at Converse College and will be playing this bass!  Details to come!
Last but not least, the girls and I have enjoyed drawing and coloring with these new scented Gel Crayons by Mr. Sketch.  They smell delicious and ride so smooth over the paper, you will be addicted if you try them!

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