Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Weekend stuff...

Weekend stuff...

Happy birthday to Scott Hart! 

He turned 55 March 13th and we had a great weekend!

Clarissa had recovered from strep throat and Lula Mae hasn't showed signs of catching it!  Because I had stayed out of work Monday and Tuesday I had to make my time (and thank goodness I am able to do so) so I worked Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week.  I have to say I don't like working on Fridays!  But with that said, the weather was so nice that we had to stay outside everyday after work to play in the beautiful sun and no rain!  Lula Mae was styling in her tutu princess dress and Riss was feeling and looking much better by Friday!  It took her all week to recover from that nasty strep germ!

Styling Lula Mae with sissy's New York sunglasses on!
Playing outside with her plastic horse!
Feeling much better, sliding at school Friday!
Sliding with sissy after school and a walk!  I'm trying to walk when I can to get some of this baby weight off for summer!!!!  Help me Lord!
It doesn't help when everyone in the family wants to go to Bacon Brothers for lunch on Saturday!
We dropped off some art workshop flyers at the Chocolate Moose and of course had to get a cake pop!
The girls at the Moose!
Walking in the neighborhood park...it was beautiful Saturday!
While walking through the neighborhood we decided to do a photo shoot under this tree!
The weekend was special and so glad that Scott is a healthy daddy at the ripe age of 55!
For what ever reason this post didn't publish when it was scheduled so sorry for the delay in this weekend update!

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