Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Weekend stuff...

Weekend Stuff...

This weekend was not fun...Clarissa was sick with a temperature complaining of a very sore throat that turned out to be strep after much suffering and several doctor's visits!  At any rate, all is good now and say a little prayer that little Lula Mae doesn't get sick now!  Keeping them separated has been tough cause all they wanted to do was play together! 

While Clarissa was sick Lula Mae and I ventured out to take out the trash and this little guy was hanging out at the trash can!

Mr. Green was chilling on my warm arm and Lula Mae touched him!
The girls love playing with my old Barbie dolls and Barbie's camper (I'll have to post a picture some day.  It's had it but it still serves it's purpose).  They dressed up the dolls and Ken drove the camper all around the den while I ironed and folded clothes and Scott worked on the clubhouse (clubhouse update coming soon)!
From time to time the girls would play together when Clarissa's fever would let up a little bit.  They decided to get out my old Barbie doll collection and camper to play with.  Lula Mae wanted me to dress Ken for bed, this is what she picked out for him!
First Friday was this past weekend and I couldn't believe how busy we were without an event going on.  I met with a few peeps about our upcoming event in April and May - Vintage Clothing/Accessories and More Trunk Show!  Stay tuned for the details!

Lula Mae was my partner at the studio Friday night since Clarissa needed special attention.  Thank goodness Scott was able to attend to her.  The studio didn't have anything special going on this weekend for First Friday but we were busy with drop ins back to back!
Studio No. 1 will be available for rent as of April 1st at the great rate of $250.00. 
If you are interested contact Julia Peters at 10 Central Avenue Studios (864) 370-0301.
It won't be vacant for long!

Patty K. Stewart is leaving her studio behind to move on to bigger things like buying a house! 
With that said she was cleaning out this weekend and made art in the trash can! 
Even though it was busy, I did get a few collage studies put together.  Just trying out some new combinations using misc. papers and some of my black and white photographs, painted fabric and drawings.
Over all the weekend was stressful with Clarissa being sick but
she is recovering now and on her way back to being
a normal little girl. 
She told me Monday that she wanted to go back to school
cause she missed her friends!  Sweet girl!

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