Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Weekend Stuff...

Weekend Stuff…

Where do the weekends go?!  It’s Friday and I’m so excited that the weekend is ahead of us and then all of a sudden, I blink my eyes and its Monday morning!
Friday was a fun day!  Lula Mae and I spent the morning getting my oil changed and then we went shopping for sissy’s birthday gifts and both valentines’ surprises at ToysRUs!  Lula Mae was so excited about being there and little bit overwhelmed.  She couldn’t believe all the toys everywhere she looked!!!  She was picking stuff up left and right saying it was hers.  Needless to say I had a hard time getting out of the store under 100 bucks! 
Once we finished our shopping, Scott called and wanted to meet up with us for lunch!  Yeah, daddy’s buying lunch today!   
After a quick nap and no house work done (yet), we headed out to pick up sissy from school.  We didn’t walk today since Lula Mae slept until the last minute and it was too cold and windy!  Headed back to house, met meme (my mom) and headed to the THRIFT STORE!  We hadn’t been in so long and we all were so excited!!!  We found so many treasures that we could hardly get home and get them out to wash them. 
1. We plan to hang these on a few mailboxes for our neighbors to enjoy on our walk from school this week!

2.  I couldn't believe the jewelry I found!  Add-a-beads, a scarf necklace, and that chain necklace just scared me!  I've already worn two!

3.  The girls found two bags of toys, $5 each!  In the bags we found build-a-bears, sandbox toys, and all kinds of treasures!

4.  A polka dotted sun hat for Lula Mae!

That night Clarissa and I headed to the studio for First Friday and her friend Lilly came as well so we had a great evening at the studio.  I decided to try my hand at art journaling the Miriam Schulman way… I’ll share my creations at a later date.
I really enjoyed her latest blog post: 

Daddy and Lula Mae had a great night together, they ate dinner, Scott gave her a bath (the thought of him giving her a back made me giggle) and then watched television together until me and Riss got home.  Good times to remember!
When good ‘ol Saturday rolled around…my tummy was not feeling good.
The girls and I headed for Clarissa’s best friend Addison’s birthday party at Pump It Up for the morning and after that, I was out of commission for the day.  We spent most of the day watching Heidi episodes on Netflix while in bed in our jammies!
(picture of us on the bed?)
Sunday I felt much better…I was able to be supermom for the day. 
1.  We got Clarissa’s school valentines finished!
2.  Her valentine’s box finished!
3.  Clarissa’s birthday gifts and both valentines surprises wrapped. 
4.  All of upstairs vacuumed, dishes washed, three loads of clothes washed...
5.  Pizza for dinner!
Where do the weekends go!!!???  Clarissa used to tell me when I would ask her “where did the day go?” she would say, “into the sun mommy!” 
I guess that’s where the weekends go as well!
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