Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend stuff.....

Weekend stuff....
Okay guys, Clarissa and I finally got aunt Gena's birthday gift for Clarissa completely put together. 
It took us approximately 4 hours I believe! 
I will say it was our first and I was a little bit intimidated at first but I'm a pro now! 
Introducing Livi's Rock Star House!

Pool area.
Side garden area.
Complete with pool, two decks, living room, dinning room, bedroom and bathroom.
It even had cooking utensils and food in the kitchen, lipstick and perfume in the bedroom and a newspaper to read!  There were so many small pieces!  But in the end, it rocked!
After finishing this puppy Saturday morning we loaded up the car
and headed to Home Depot to look for some things for the clubhouse. 

Clarissa and I dropped a few pieces of art throughout the store for our contribution to Art Abandonment!

Tag Art!
Artist Trading Card on a hook!

Random color collage on paper by Clarissa in the doors and windows!
I totally love going to the library and taking advantage
of the free stuff they have to offer! 
I ordered these books online and picked them up at the main library for checkout all in about 10 minutes.
I didn't have to look them up at all and some came from other local libraries. 
They had them ready for me when I got there!  What kind of service is that! 
I started looking at them this weekend and can't wait to try some of the techniques out soon. 

One book I really liked was the Washi Tape book.
I made a washi tape heart sticker and washi taped the pages of my daily moleskin planner!

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