Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Weekend Stuff...

Weekend Stuff...

So Friday rolled around and I had big plans for Lula Mae and I to visit the studio and start some projects on my list of things to do...
But, we decided to take a detour and ventured out to our favorite thrift store.  I thought it would be a good time for me to shop for some clothes for myself with only one little one with me and it was.  We did have to visit the toy section but not until I was finished shopping the clothing area.  And I managed to escape the toy section without purchasing a toy this time!  If Clarissa had been with us it wouldn't have been that easy...she's a negotiator for sure!
Below are my findings:

I screamed when I found this little gem on the shelf and frantically searched for more but this was the only one.  I got it anyway, we have a collection of misc. glasses that I love even more than the ones that have partners.

This is my jewelry lute!  The green ribbon on the necklace is my favorite color, a mossy/olive green.  The earrings are pink plastic loops and the bracelet has hearts on it as well as little jewels, I like to collect heart jewelry or just the heart for charm bracelets.

Now this little beauty was definitely waiting on me!  I could not believe my eyes when I found it hanging there on the rack!  Look closely it has hot air balloons on it!  So, with that said, I'm thinking that makes room in my budget to get three items from Modcloth now!

Look at that!  Can you believe it!?

Saturday started out with some hair color for me and then an afternoon of fun times with neighborhood friends!  Jack and Jillian and mom Joy joined us for a walk in the school playgound and some exploring later in the afternoon on the lake.  We live on a small lake and once a year they take the water down to do any repairs or clean up.  With that said, we did some exploring on the areas that had dried up and had a great time!

We took rakes and shovels to help with any digging that was required.  The girls were determined to get wet while digging in the sand at waters edge.

This is Jack and Clarissa.  They were finding treasures to collect but I don't think the treasures made it back to the house after our adventures...more important things to do than carry trash home.

Lula Mae, Clarissa, Jillian and Jack on the neighborhood swing on the trail.

Jillian can't talk very well yet, she's almost 2 and working really hard on that talking!  With that said, Lula Mae had a hard time understanding her from time to time...

But they seemed to enjoy each other's company even though they couldn't understand each other verbally...such sweet little girls!

These two had way too much fun, running, jumping, swinging, and playing trucks!

More exploring Sunday while daddy worked on the clubhouse!

We kept finding this moss in our adventures.  I love these little hands!

Everyone had a great weekend even though the weather wasn't as great as they said it was going to be!


  1. Gena, that's our neighbors that are unfortunately moving in the next couple of weeks. I hate to see them go since they have children the same age and they are great people!