Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Stuff...

Weekend Stuff....

What a weekend!  This wild ride of a weekend consisted mostly of celebrating Ms. Clarissa Hart's 6th birthday!  She kept saying all day Saturday, "I can't believe my birthday is today!" and all day Sunday she would say, "I can't believe I'm 6 now!"

Friday Lula Mae and I went to visit Clarissa at school to help them with the classroom Valentine's party and share my first attempt at making three BIG chocolate chip coolies!  Thanks to Pinterest, they turned out pretty good much to my surprise.  I kept thinking I wasn't cooking them enough but they did turn out chewy and delicious.

My first attempt at BIG cookie making and it worked and tasted great!
Saturday's birthday party at ChuckECheese turned out to be a wonderful experience.  I highly suggest having your birthday parties there for many reasons...the first being that I didn't have to do anything and our CC hostess kept telling me to sit down and relax!  We did bring our own cake, Clarissa insisted on a Publix cake but other than that, the CC peeps did it all!  Served, conducted, told us what to do, got what we wanted!  It was a wonderful experience!!!

The girls danced, played and laughed a LOT! 
Lula Mae was afraid of ChuckECheese but did enjoy putting her coins in the slots one after the other, not concerned about the ride itself just putting in the coins.
Clarissa got to go into the Ticket Buster (not sure that's what it's called) and I would have thought she would not have liked it but our hostess showed her how to tie up her cape to make it catch the tickets and she ended up with the 1000 TICKET!
Clarissa loved her Publix cake.  I tried to talk her into a $6 make at home from a mix cake but she wouldn't buy it!  It was nice not having to stress out about making the cake and the price wasn't bad either although it wasn't 6 bucks...
This is Clarissa and Cameron cutting a rug!  Claire is in the background doing the same as well as Amelia in the front of the corner of the picture...they were having a blast making us all laugh!
Clarissa in the Ticket Buster with Cameron!  I didn't like how the picture turned out but it wasn't easy getting the shot with the weird lighting...

Silly Lula Mae was keeping her eyes wide open to make sure ChuckECheese didn't get close to her!

Enjoying every minute and soaking it all up!  Oh to be 6 again!!!!
Posing in her princess cape and tiara.  So special!
Amelia, Clarissa and Kyndall having a great time with ChuckE!

I asked her what she wished for and there wasn't an answer...
I'm 6 now!

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