Saturday, May 9, 2015

Weekend Stuff!

1.  Clarissa decided it was a chocolate chip pancake morning so her and her daddy made those for breakfast!    
2.  We ventured out to the Habitat Humanities in town and found two doors and a set of windows for the clubhouse Scott is building!
3.  Picked up lunch at the CLOCK!
4.  I tried to get everyone down for a nap but…no nap was happening today!
5.  So, we went downstairs so I could continue working on organizing and cleaning the workroom/laundry room which I did finally finish Sunday.  Yeah!
6.  Then the girls stayed with Nina and Poppa for the evening while Scot and I had a date night!  Ate dinner at Soby’s and it was AWESOME as usual.
7.  After an early dinner we picked up Lula Mae and left Clarissa to spend the night with the N&P.
8.  Lula Mae was excited to get to sleep with Scott and me…but she did admit that she missed her sissy, sweet little girls.

1.  Woke up fairly early and the three of us took a walk, it was nice outside even though it was kind of cool out.
2.  After a quick breakfast we three went to church…”Fix your eyes on Jesus”.
3.  Lula Mae fell asleep during the service so I didn’t even try to get her to sleep after lunch today.
4.  Angie brought Clarissa home from N&P's.  Clarissa was feeling lazy and wanted to hang out at the house with Scott while Lula Mae and I went to the grocery store.
5.  Once I got home and put all the groceries up I had a little bit of time to try to finish the basement project.
6.  Clarissa got started on painting her valentine’s box (a beer case painted black so far) and filling out some valentines for her friends at school.
7.  We all ate dinner and had our baths…the days go by so quickly and the weekends fly by but at least we did get some main parts to the clubhouse and something to eat for the week!

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