Friday, February 19, 2016

I need some new clothes!

As you may know already, I love to shop for my clothes at the thrift store! 
But from time to time it is nice to purchase something brand new! 
I've got a little bit of money banked for special items and the two things that I'm loving and somewhat drooling over are the following outfits courtesy of MODCLOTH:
No. 1 Combo

 I LOVE each combo and as you can see the skirts are basically the same style just different colors but I would so love to have each one in my closet!
The turquoise blouse above has sailboats on it and would so remind me of the summer and beach every time I wore it so I'm really leaning towards that one.  It would especially look bad to the bone with the tan skirt! 
No. 2 Combo

 This blouse has little hot air balloons on it, isn't that so cute!?  And with that yellow skirt, I would feel so FRESH! 
No. 3 Combo 

 I believe the combo of blue and brown is so sophisticated. 
Some of you may be saying why wear a short sleeve blouse in the winter, well...that allows me to wear it in any season, just throw on a sweater or blazer depending on the weather.
No. 4 Combo

 Now, this combo is knocking me out!  Green and burgundy?  Oh yeah!  Please help me figure this out!  The skirt is $49.99 and the blouses are $39.99 and $44.99 so I can only get one combo. 
Tell me what you think!

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