Friday, January 16, 2015

Pleased to meet you new studio space!

I finally did it! I have moved into my new studio space! A much needed accomplishment!  I was slowly but surely oozing out of my home studio and my space was being taken over by a silly dog named Bella and loads of storage boxes and whatnot...I could barely get foot on the door, much less make art!

So here I new studio!
I think I'm moved in and ready to get busy!  Come by and visit if you like but call me first to make sure I'm there. I won't be there every day of course since I will still be working a real job but I will try to be there asich as possible!!!!

If interested, there are two available spaces next to me! 

Address: 217 Stone Avenue, #46 Greenville

Lots of wall space!
Even the girls have their own space to draw, paint and color!
Shelves for storage!

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