Friday, October 3, 2014

The thrill of the hunt!

Last weekend me, Riss and LM went on a church yard sale shopping spree!  We went to the same sale three times!  It seemed like every time we went they had put out new stuff.  I think we were just seeing thing differently as we walked through!  We couldn't believe the things we kept finding!  I didn't take pictures of everything but some of the things we found are pictured here.  Some not pictured were 3 original Cabbage Patch dolls and clothes, jewelry and a few books.  It's amazing at the feeling you get when thrifting or yard sale shopping...its the thrill of the hunt for sure!  We shopped while daddy and poppa stayed at the house working on the swing set/playhouse!  We needed to stay out of the way so what better way to do that than to go yard sale shopping?!
I can't wait to hang this up in Lula Mae's room!  I now need some vintage curtains!

Pillows are so expensive these days!  Not only were these a dollar each but the colors were awesome and they were clean!

I think these vintage handmade potholders will end up in some artwork or at "the green wardrobe" not sure yet...

This is already at "the green wardrobe" shop!

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