Thursday, October 9, 2014

I finally found it!

For months, maybe now a year, I have been in search of just the right bedspread or quilt for our bedroom.  I looked online and in stores and there just hasn't been what I wanted out there!  I did kinda like the Kantha Quilts at Urban Outfitters, one-of-a-kind handmade quilts from recycled fabrics. 

 Which then gave way to the idea of doing something like that myself with items I might find at the thrift store.  But, I could never find anything I liked at the thrift store to cut up and combine.  So...I kept on looking!  I did come to the conclusion that I didn't want anything that was bought in a regular store, if a store, I wanted to find a treasure at the thrift store.  I wanted to possibly purchase something like a spread of some sort or a vintage sheet and sew them together adding other parts and pieces of fabric as well.  Which I still might try this idea, keeping it in the books and on my thrift store list of stuff to look for.  I want it to be unique of course!

Then just the other day, while I was reading a favorite blog, Vintage Sheet Blog, I discovered exactly what I want!  There was a post about a quilt made from vintage Vera napkins on the front and a vintage Vera sheet on the back!  This one is made by Aaron Sciandra from Brooklyn Bags, he made it, from what I can tell, for his house.
Laid out and ready to go!


Detail of the quilting.

Sheet used for the backside of quilt that Aaron bought from Heather.
  This is what gave me my inspiration!  But, it will take some time to complete and I have no idea how to make a quilt but I am going to try.  Thanks Aaron, Heather, and Vera for the inspiration.  Heather's shop is Grow Home, go visit and pick up some vintage sheets!

I did some further search of quilts made from vintage Vera items and found some vintage Vera scarf quilts for sale at Ouno Design.

Aren't they lovely?!  
I couldn't believe how beautiful there are!  On their site they talk about how difficult it is to construct these butes and I'm sure they are correct about that!  But I have to try.  I'm not sure how many vintage Vera napkins I have but I know for sure I have enough scarves.  The trick will also be to find enough scarves that are the same size and shape.  I may be forced, as a first timer in quilting, to resort to searching for more of the napkins since those would be a little bit easier to sew together.  I'm sure once I get started the project will evolve into my own, looking a little bit different as they usually do. 

 So now I start my journey in figuring out how to make a quilt!  It's a vintage VERA napkin/scarf quilt! 

Wish me luck!

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