Friday, April 19, 2013

Latest Collaboration with Jamie Rowe-Rischitelli!

Some time ago I met an artist at the Art-O-Mat Swap meet and since then have exchanged some canvases to collaborate on.  Jamie started it off by painting on three canvases and then passed them on to me.  I then painted, drew with Prismacolor pencils and then collaged and acrylic painted, to then return to Jamie.  I assume that we will continue this for a few more times back and forth as I feel they are only halfway finished at this point.  I can't wait to see what Jamie does!

I forgot to take pictures when I first got them, I'm hoping Jamie did that :)

Jamie Rowe-Rischitelli - Check out her facebook page for some really cool art!  I have two on my walls at home and absolutely love them!!!!

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