Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A much needed UPDATE!

    I have so much to share and I haven’t shared anything!  Sorry, I’ve been a little bit preoccupied and well, lazy.

    At any rate, some of you may already know that our family is having another baby!  I know!  It’s hard to believe that we have conceived again since we have waited so long to start a family, but, it happened! Guess that puts a true meaning to the saying, “things happen for a reason!”  The family is very excited, especially Clarissa, our first born.   At 31/2 she will be a BIG sister!  The baby is due July 31, 2013 and we will not be finding out what the sex is for the ultimate surprise!!!!!  We didn’t find out what Clarissa was either and I remember how dumbfounded we both were and just utterly amazed at what had just happened when she was born.  So, with that said, the nursery will be neutral which goes along with the decor of the house anyway. 

    So many people have asked me, “Where will the baby’s room be in your house?”  Well, it will be downstairs in the spare bedroom and once the baby is sleeping through the night pretty comfortably, we will be moving Clarissa downstairs as well.  Moving Scott’s music room upstairs into what is now Clarissa’s room.  We thought it would be nice to put all babies downstairs and all adults upstairs.  That way, all toys can stay downstairs as well, making it somewhat easier to keep the house straight...yeah right!

    With baby on the way I have decided that I will not be participating in Open Studios this year because of the lack of concentration I suffer from now, and then once the new baby gets here, I will, needless to say, have my hands full.  Not to mention, to answer another question of others, I will be going back to work and...yes, I will be nursing as long as I can stand to pump at work with my office right beside my boss!

    I can’t believe I am half way there already!  Scott and I just got back from a business trip that we used as our babymoon.  It was a cruise on the Celebrity Constellation Cruise Ship.  We so much enjoyed the time together lounging, laughing, watching tv, eating, enjoying the warm sun, eating, and conversing with friends, exploring Key West and a little glimpse of Cozemel Mexico.   I was a little bit nervous about going into Mexico pregnant so we stayed close to the boat that day!  But, with all of that said, we missed our Clarissa so much and were very glad to get back to Greenville!!!!

    We have another trip planned soon to the coast!  Clarissa is really looking forward to that trip as well as me and Scott since the beach is just about all of our favorite place to visit!  I was accepted into the SC State Park’s Artist in Residence this year and will be completing that assignment as well as vacationing when we go to Givhans Ferry State Park (http://www.southcarolinaparks.com/givhansferry/introduction.aspx).

    At any rate, I will try not to be so distant in the months to come and share how my belly is growing!  I am looking forward to opening a new chapter in our lives!  Good times ahead of us for sure!!!!

   Belly shots to come, I'm kinda weird about take pictures of myself...
   At any rate I will also share with you a recent post on facebook:

  My newest paint project, focusing on children's characters illustration style. This piece is only 12"x12" created for the MAC show coming up during Artisphere 2013. But, I have plans to recreate, along with other designs, in a much larger format. I can't wait to see this particular one in a 48"x48" or larger for Clarissa's new room! It's mixed: Prismacolor pencil, pencil, Sharpie markers, acrylic paint and charcoal with a shiny protective coat $100.00.  

  Like I said, there's much more to come, belly shots and all so stay tuned!

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