Monday, October 29, 2012

Finally, I made some time for a weekend update!

It's been some time since I have posted about the weekend.  Sorry, been a little bit busy getting ready for Open Studios, which, by the way, is this coming weekend...Nov. 2-4!  A post soon about that.  At any rate, between getting ready for Open Studios, The Ragged Orchids CD release, work, Halloween and life in general, we've been a little busy around the Hart house!

If anyone needs a last minute pumpkin, this patch is at the Aldersgate Methodist Church on Edwards Road.

Silly girl!

"No daddy, let's get this one!"

This was her scarecrow friend!

We had a great afternoon of picking out pumpkins.  We ended up walking away with one big one and three small ones.  Clarissa had a great time running around the little patch.

We finally had the chance to go pumpkin hunting!  Thankfully there's a pumpkin patch right down the road from us so it's easy to shoot down on a sunny afternoon and pick one out without having to travel too far.  Although I keep saying every year that I want to go to a real pumpkin patch, some day I guess.

This past Friday night was the opening show at MAC for Open Studios.  We always go but don't stay long because there are so many people there you can't move or even see the work.  This year it was crowded as usual but because the weather was so awesome, everyone was hanging outside.  So, you could see the work.  What a nice show, all pieces are 12"x12" and each person that is in Open Studios this year has a piece in the show, so there were 140 pieces of art there to see!  Great work to be seen!

After the art show we headed out to Tito's for pizza!

Saturday night we went to the 6th annual Grogan Halloween party and dinner.  We always have a great time and so does Clarissa!  She played her heart out that night, but not until we convinced little Jake to take his scary mask off.  Until then Clarissa was clinging to me and Scott so hard that I couldn't even get a good picture of her unicorn costume she came dressed in!  Once she got started playing she didn't want to wear it but here you can see, that really didn't matter to her!

Clarissa and Claire swinging together.  In their band, Clarrisa plays drums and Claire plays guitar!

The neighbors had chickens, so we visited over there for a little chicken feeding.

We finally got around to cutting the pumpkin.  We did the old faithful design to make it easy this year.

Like I said earlier, we've been so busy with getting projects started and finished that it's been a little bit difficult to post, but hopefully after Open Studios, life will get somewhat back to normal! Although I don't see that happening with a trip to Las Vegas, Thanksgiving and then Christmas right around the corner!  Then starts the new year!

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