Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weekend Update!

We had a great fun filled weekend!  Clarissa, Scott and I met Karen Dosher at the Rabon Creek Farm Festival for some shopping of handmade goods and antiques.
Opening presents was fun, everyone wants to help!
Lowe got a John Deer motorized tractor for his see who wants to ride it!  That's Lowe in the plaid shirt there, watching everyone fight to either drive or ride it!
Clarissa was so excited to get to play with Lowe and Callie!  It was sweet to see Callie and Clarissa together holding hands and walking around the yard.
Clarissa has a great time at the farm talking to the chickens and the goats!
Eventually, after the girls had driven the heck out of the tractor, the front end fell off!
I think she liked the chickens the most.  I did too, they were pretty colors.
This was a toy drum set, look at how excited Clarissa is!
Still checking out the chickens!

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