Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekends are so special!

Pizza at Tito's Saturday night after The Blow Up practice with Tim, David, and Jim.
The cover of Clarissa's craft project at the Etsy craft night.  She did a GREAT job and had a good time even though she was sick.
I can't believe we made it over to Karen's yard sale before we took off to the lake!  We had to get up early, early, early! We bought the bird bag from Freckle Wonder, a stash of linens, a beaded change purse, a crochet scarf and the best thing...a baby doll crib that Karen's dad made for her!  We have plans to repaint to make a great place for dolls in Clarissa's room.
These are the painted images we added to Clarissa crafty book at the Etsy Craft night.
After the lake Saturday, Clarissa and went by to check on Scott at practice and say hello.  The door was shut to avoid disturbing everyone in the area so we had to wait for them to finish a song.  Clarissa and I danced while we waited.  We had a great day together!
Clarissa really enjoyed craft night!  She was digging in the paint and mixing the colors up for everyone that was sharing!
Paint, paper, wood, tape, glue, cameras....look at those little bitty hands working on that tape.  Sweet little girl, she is so much fun to be with!
I think in this picture she was telling Karen how to paint!
Clarissa was getting down to a new Blow Up song!  While we were waiting and dancing in the alley we ate on a bag of pizza flavored goldfish crackers.  When we finally left, Clarissa had sat them on the ground near the door, me not knowing.  On our way home in the car, I told Clarissa that we forgot to get the crackers.  Then I told her not to worry, Carl would find them and eat them!  When Scott got home, later that evening, he said that when they finished practicing and Carl came out, he immediately saw the bag of crackers and ate them.  He said, "look, Clarissa left me some crackers!"  
My aunt and her husband invited us to Keowee Lake this weekend.  Scott had to practice so he didn't get to go with us.  We had a great time, eating good food, riding in the boat and relaxing.  Clarissa absolutely loved the boat ride.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of her at the front of the boat on her knees with her hands up in the air screaming at the top of her lungs..."go faster!"  In this picture we were on our way back to the campsite, she was so tired she was almost asleep by the time we got back.
My mom and her sister sunning at the front of the boat at Keowee Lake, August 25, 2012.
Me and Clarissa having a blast at the lake!

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