Thursday, August 16, 2012

Weekends and mushroom gardens...

Saturday was awesome for me and Clarissa...we spent all day in our jammies, not putting any street clothes on until we had our bath around 5:30!  Scott decided he needed to go into the office for the day so we had a girls day!  It was so nice!!!!!
After her nap we went out in the backyard to do some exploring.  Earlier in the day Nibbles had found a baby bird.  I wish I had thought to get a picture of it...but any way, Clarissa and I had brought it in and fed it a worm and three rollie pollies and called the wildlife people.  I finally got someone on the phone that told me to make a hanging basket and hang it out on the fence.  So we checked on the bird...gone!  Not sure where it went, we spent some time looking for it and so did Nibbles!
After a while we decided to pick all the mushrooms in the yard and create a mushroom and stick garden.
We couldn't believe all the different mushrooms we found in our yard!  Wish there was a way to identify them.

After we cleaned up Scott picked us up for sushi and then we dropped Clarissa off at neana and poppas to spend the night while we went out to see Archer vs. Gunman.

After the show we tried to see the meteor shower but the clouds were too dense.  I was disappointed because the night was very nice on the island and would have been perfect had we been able to see the shower...oh well.  We had a great evening anyway, even though it was without the Pnut!  
All we talked about was her!


  1. Hey, we went to see Archer vs. Gunman at the Handlebar the other night. :)

  2. Hi Lily! I hate it we didn't recognize each other! Do you know Shaun?