Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend update!

I got the weekend started by walking the neighborhood.  I've been trying to walk more even though it's hot.  It makes you feel better with a clearer mind and not to mention loose some weight!  While walking I came across this neighborhood church that has a community garden.  They all were lovely little gardens with an awesome variety of veggies and flowers. 

After my walk Friday after work we met Angie, neana, poppa for dinner at Tito's for a celebration dinner...Angie finished school!  Yeah Angie!  She is now an official graphic designer...and her website is Angie Hart Designs, a project still under construction.

Saturday we all drove to NC with Mimmi to visit my grandmother probably for the last time.  She is sadly coming to the end of her life and we wanted to say goodbye.  I know she will be in a better place soon and much happier!  She was born October 24, 1924, I can only imagine the things she's seen and done in her lifetime.

Sunday was a day to relax at the pool!  We all woke up with headaches!!!!  I finally got somewhat caught up on washing and folding clothes and grocery shopping done before it got too late in the day.

This week I've decided that I am going to get up 30 minutes earlier than usual to try and get some things done in my studio before the day revs up to fast speed!!!!  This morning I got a lot of filing done!  Getting organized has been on my list for a long time!!!

 I finally got a bloom on my moon flowers! Last night Scott, Clarissa and Nibbles and me ventured out to the island since there was actually a slight breeze in the air to enjoy the day and weekend as it came to an end and the sun was setting.  While we were out there we noticed that the vine was blooming, it only blooms in the evening!  They are huge and are very fragrant.

While Clarissa and I were investigating the flower blooms and enjoying the smells, we discovered a huge worm had been munching on the pepper plant!  Then after further inspection we discovered there were actually 3 on the poor little plant and had done extensive damage!

This is a picture of my second watermelon...the first one didn't make it.  I hope this one will survive!

 Somebody else had a watermelon at the community garden.  I loved the dark skin on this one.

I was trying to get a better picture of the worm!  Look closely and you can see him in the middle of the picture.  They were huge!

Close up of the moon flower!

I made this little box to transport the worms in but first Clarissa and I got out the magnifying glass to get a closer look at these creatures...yikes, they have spikes on their bottoms!  This morning they had eaten all of the greenery I had put in there and were working on a pepper.  I let them go in the front yard, far away from the garden.  I hope they don't make their way back!

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