Thursday, August 9, 2012


I made a quick stop by the SOS thrift store this past Wednesday while at lunch and found a few treasures.  I couldn't believe this baby blue travel bag in perfect condition.  It isn't like I need one but I couldn't resist it because it was in such great shape.  I was thinking it would make a great weekend bag!

The Craft It sticks I bought thinking about the in the near future some crafty projects Clarissa and will be doing. and the other stuff was misc. notions.  Again, I don't need any notions at all but when I see a bag for a dollar with a bunch of sewing goodies in it, I can't resist!

And lastly, I found this play monopoly money that I knew Clarissa would have a fit over...and she did!  She loves playing with money!  Good or bad sign, I'm not sure just yet.

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