Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The weekend and first day of big girl school!

Look at the girls, Claire and Clarissa at the Herdklotz park...eating cheese sticks!  It rained so the girls were enjoying a snack inside the jungle gym.  It's always amazing to me at how fast the weekends zoom by!  Most of our weekend was spent gathering supplies for Clarissa's first day at school.  We went to K-Mart, Target, Thrift stores, Dollar Store and Old Navy.  It was a tiring task but exciting looking for fun supplies for Rissa for school!  Friday night we ate out for dinner then we went, for the first time to Yogurt Mountain.  This place was so cool and cheap! 

Wendy's mom made Claire and Clarissa matching dresses!  Thanks granny Jerry, that was sweet!  Saturday was a fun day in the park with friends while Scott practiced Blow Up Songs for an upcoming event soon to be announced!  (Stay tuned for that info!)  After a quick nap Clarissa and I ventured out to the Big Book Sale at the old McAlister Square Mall...that was basically a waste of time!  I've found a better selection at the thrift store any day...now we did wait until they had the "bag it for 10 bucks" sale so maybe by then all the good stuff was already bought.  At least, I hope so!  After that we hit a thrift store for a quick fix and headed out to do Target and more supply shopping.

We decided at the last minute Sunday evening to go eat sushi...sushi on a Sunday night is a GREAT idea.  That meant Scott didn't have to cook for us and I didn't have to clean it up!  Clarissa will tell you right away...daddy cooks and mommy cleans it up!
Clarissa's first day at BIG GIRL SCHOOL was today!  She was so excited to wear her Hello Kitty backpack!!!!!  I have plans to make one for her but need some time to make it just right!  Plans are in the making, stay tuned.
I'm so glad Clarissa and Claire had a chance to hang out this past weekend.  I wish the Grogans lived closer.  Maybe some day they will move back to Greenville...soon!

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