Friday, August 10, 2012

My grandmother...Reba

A sad day it is grandmother, Reba Nell Childers has passed away.  

I visited her last Saturday to pretty much say goodbye.  I didn't want to do that but I knew I had to and am glad that I did it.  She passed away late last night.  

She was a very strong woman, a survivor of breast cancer, a brain tumor and a very abusive (second) husband!  She would have been 90 years old on her birthday this year, October 24 but after visiting her last weekend, she clearly was so ready to go and I know she is most definitely in a better place now...maybe even hanging out with my dad!  They really liked each other!   

She had the darkest brown eyes, smoothest skin and funny personality.  
A hard working, great woman to know! 

She had seven brothers and sisters, grew up on a working farm, born in 1922 in Westminster, SC.  

I remember when my sister Gena and I were little, on occasion we would spend the evenings or nights with her and poppa while my parents either went out of town or just a date night.  We would jump on her bed and get so rowdy she would have to call us down...she would say, "here now, stop that!"  We would then go into the bathrooms and talk to each other through the vents, tying up the bathrooms!  My mom lives in her house now but when I think back when my grandmother and poppa lived there it looked and felt different, larger for some reason.

We will miss you grandmother!

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