Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Generous Garden Day

At my office, they have allowed the employees (all three of us) to volunteer at a local charity!  I was so thankful they started this because I have always wanted to volunteer but never had the time.  But now that I can go during working hours, I have the time!  The first time I did it, I went to the Frazee Center but this time I went to The Generous Garden Project.  Please see the awesome pictures below of my day today at the Generous Garden Project.  I have taken info from their website to explain what it is they do there.  I worked from 9:00am this morning until noon and it was an awesome workout and GREAT experience.  My heart felt big when I left and I hope I get to go back soon.  I had thoughts of taking Clarissa one Saturday so she can get to know the idea of volunteering and working in a huge garden!

Did you know that South Carolina is ranked the ninth highest for hungry people in the United States? 
For most, hunger is a mild, temporary feeling that comes between meals. But for some it's a struggle for survival and health.
The particular people we’re most concerned about aren’t in a distant land, but right here living among us. We all know ‘about’ them. While a number of charitable organizations work to provide food - which is amazing in itself - little of what is provided can replace the nutrition of fresh produce. In fact, there is nothing on earth that can completely replace fresh fruits and vegetables.
That’s where we come in. We are working to fight hunger in a slightly different way by growing and harvesting fresh produce and then giving it away to local ministries and food pantries. Whenever possible, we combine a unique blend of state of the art technologies and approaches in our organic farming techniques.The collective effort is called: The Generous Garden Project.
It is a known fact that if people get fresh fruits and veggies in their diet, they think more clearly, have more energy and live more fruitful lives. We are here to fight hunger one garden at a time.
Giving is the best part of what we do. It is awesome to see people's eyes light up when we deliver our fresh, delicious produce. Many of the organizations we donate to receive little or no fresh produce throughout the year. We are changing lives in our community by offering them health and dignity through the donation of the food that we have grown.
Greenville SC is an amazing community. We've been able to accomplish incredible things this year because of the great people who live here.
Thank you Greenville for your support.
First Plant Day -
Pounds of Produce Distributed -
Number of Volunteers - 
April 28, 2011
56,000 (over 56,000 meals)
The current projects list was too big to post so here's the link!  Some really cool stuff going on there.  I promise you will walk away feeling good in more ways than one!
That's my wheel barrel I used while I was there.  My project today was to spread newspaper in the isles, wet down, and cover with mulch to keep the weeds down.
Generous Garden Project has a blog too!  On September 29th, 2012 they will be having their first event called Farm to Table.  Details here!
I had never seen okra growing, it was beautiful with bright yellow flowers.  They kind of looked like opium flowers.
This was their shed.
What a GREAT day!  I think I will sleep good tonight!  I lost count of the wheel barrels of mulch I hauled from the mulch pile to the garden!!!!

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