Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Update!

Chilling at the Herdklotz Park with some cold water...we drank all the water that we took and thankful that Angie called and said she was on the way so she could bring more water!!!!  Oh, and Clarissa has on her new sunglasses here that Angie gave her last week, the lenses flip up when indoors.
I could not believe the view at this park!  Beautiful!
We did some thrifting this weekend and this is an Ernie cup we found.

A house that was beside the park that I found to be very disturbing looking...
Scott had the great idea of enjoying some TCBY this weekend.  It was so good, we've been watching our carbs lately so this was a treat!
The park!
We found a ton of books while thrifting this weekend!  Especially the Susan Branch Christmas Joy Book!  I was so excited, I don't think it was ever looked at.

I couldn't resist this afghan.  Somebody put a lot of work into it and I loved the colors.
I found these shirts for Clarissa, they are a little too big for now but the images were awesome.  The gray one at the top of the photo is short too, Clarissa is such an 80's girl!  Grrrrrrl.....
Chilling at the park on Saturday afternoon.
While thrifting we found some cool, almost unused looking, Samsonite luggage for Clarissa.  It came with a backpack and fanny pack...there's that 80's girl again!

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