Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekend Update!

The view from the downtown post office window...the beginning of a nice day Friday.  It was hot but that's the way I like it!

Saturday night, Scott's band The Ragged Orchids played at Smiley's in the West End.  Fun night started out by Scott and I going on a dinner date for sushi!  Everybody at the sushi pub kept asking, "Where is Clarissa?!"  Rissa spent the night with neana and poppa while we went on to Smileys for the night.  I think it was about 2:30/3:00 am by the time we put our heads on our pillows...man, I was so tired!

Wilson playing his peddle steal (I think is what you call it).  The night was fun, there were lots of people out so the people watching was on!  After midnight the vampers came out so it got a little scary at that point, but made it even more interesting.  So we had great music and good sites!!!!

Sunday morning we picked up Rissa and headed to IHOP for chocolate pancakes...yeah!  Angie met us there so you may have already seen this picture.  After breakfast we went to look at a playhouse.  Scott and I can't seem to put our heads around purchasing one, they cost so much and one that we build ourselves will have much more character.  So plans are in the making and hopefully soon we can execute.  I will document our progress so as not to miss out on the fun times....if anyone wants to help, feel free to email me to set up a time or better yet, just show up and we will put you to work.  The decorating part will be fun and the ideas are already flowing in that aspect.  I can't wait, I feel like Clarissa might have to move over and share this clubhouse with mommy!

Clarissa got creative this weekend!!!!!  A while back we found a brand new kids watercolor kit, never been used.  We broke it out this weekend and this is what she painted!  I love her color combination, Rissa and I both are going abstract these days!

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