Thursday, July 19, 2012

Snail Mail Art!

I'm always so surprised to check out what's in the mail box every day after work.  Clarissa and I check every day no matter what!  It mostly is full of bills and junk mail but recently I got a piece of "snail mail art!"  We were so excited!!!!! 

This is what I received:
It's a postcard from Trick Sensei!
It's made of black card stock with stickers on one side and this bizarre painting on the other.  Very colorful and lots of movement.  I'm not sure what kind of paint or applicator was used but very interesting up close, with texture as well.  Thanks Trick!

 And this is what Mr. Sensei got in return.  I just mailed it and I hope it will make it without getting intercepted because of the staples on the back.  The US postal peeps don't like staples but we will see...I hope you get it though, it's a postcard of found papers collage.

If you send me some snail mail art, I will send you something back!

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