Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our July 4th Day...

What a relaxing day!  We started it off with pancakes Scott made...with chocolate chips!  Then we all went for a swim at the pool before the crowds invaded!  Clarissa met a little girl named Emma Kate that goes to the same school, but older.  They left before we did and so Clarissa kept asking, "Where is Emma Cake?" 
Scott left us at the pool while he went by the grocery store for the makings of a great lunch and dinner...he also decided that we needed these July 4th cupcakes!  We have to eat them up fast cause a diet is in my near future!

I'm glad Scott got the cupcakes cause Clarissa and I were digging them even though they were store bought!

 This $10 pool from last year with a crack in it has been the best 10 bucks I've spent in a long time!  We fill it up and Clarissa plays in it, learning to stick her head under water and make water pies and whatnot, then by morning, the water has drained out and watered the yard!  Couldn't ask for more!

I was so surprised that Clarissa wasn't afraid of the neighborhood fireworks!  The started around 9:15 and lasted for about an hour or so.  They were so loud, going off all over the area but never once did she worry!  I'm glad we didn't fight the downtown crowds to see their fireworks display, Angie went and said it wasn't that good.

Sliders, baked beans and peppers from our garden for dinner.  Yum!!!

What a great day!

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