Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Busy, Busy Weekend and Week!

It's been a while since I posted, sorry, been very busy with lots of different stuff...having fun, working, preparing for open studios, and a bunch of other stuff.  At any rate, this weekend was a busy one as usual. 

We went to church with Angie at Springwell.  It was different, not what I am used to, but we did enjoy.  Clarissa loved the music part of it!  She was dancing and singing!

We made it to the pool a few times over the weekend in between storms and got a little bit of sun and play time in!

Scott and I are trying our hardest to loose some weight so we have began our journey with the South Beach diet.  We've done this before and lost a ton, so onward men...I have to loose at least 20 pounds before our beach trip coming up soon and I've already lost 7 pounds in 7 days and feeling so much better!

Being on the diet isn't so easy when we take Clarissa to get ice cream.  I had to hold her cone on the way home without licking it once! 

The girl loves her some ice cream!

This is the goodie package we won from Farmer Jason!

We got it in the mail last week!  It was the new Farmer Jason CD and music videos, Nature Jams!  Clarissa sings the song, "Can You Canoe" all the time now!!!!!  The videos are great too, she watched them the other night about three times in a row, each time it was over she would say "again!"  We finally had to say, okay, last time!

And an Ipod shuffle was in the package too!  I forgot we had registered for it so when it came, we were so excited!!!!  The grand prize was Jason performing at a birthday party for you but very sadly, we didn't win that :(  Oh well, I'm thankful we did win this though!!!  Thanks Farmer Jason!

Farmer Jason is better known as the front man for Nashville's cowpunks Jason & the Scorchers!  On the new album Nature Jams, he has a ton of guests like Mike Mills (REM), Alison Brown, and Hank III.  Its a series of tunes aimed at getting kids outdoors!

On the website you can read a lot more about how great Jason Ringinberg is!

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