Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend Update!

Angie's birthday was Friday so we all went bowling at Star Lanes!  It was Clarissa's first time bowling and she had the best time...I was so tired when we got home!  I think I got to bowl one time, all of my other turns were Clarissa's!  I didn't mind though, it was more fun watching her than me throwing gutter balls every time!!!

Breakfast Saturday morning was a delicious omelet with onions and peppers...look it's the Italian flag!

Saturday Scott had to go to practice to get ready for this Saturday's show so Clarissa and I took off to eat lunch at Chik-fil-a...for the first time!  Our lunch was good, but when it came to time to play in the jungle gym (this is what Clarissa was calling it) we decided it was just too big for her to play in.
So we hopped in the car and made our way down to MacDonald's for some ice cream and to check out their jungle gym.  It was slightly better, a little bit more for her to play in but still kinda high but we managed...we had fun!

I think she liked the ice cream more than anything, I know I did!

After a nap we ran over to Lou's house to catch the last bit of practice and to see if we could meet a ghost...we did see any ghosts but we did plunder around in Lou's house looking at how old and cool it was.  I'm not sure what year it was built...back in the 1800's I think.  I can only imagine what that house has seen and heard through the years.  It was beautiful and amazing.  Thanks for letting us in Lou!!!

Clarissa was in love with Blueberry, and so was I.  She was so sweet and so much reminded us of our sweet Jackson.

Clarissa and I swung on the front porch while everyone packed up their cars after practice, trying to imagine what it used to be like years ago when there were no cars and you could hear horses and buggies coming down the street in front.

One of our grocery store trips this weekend, Clarissa decided to rearrange the kids chairs for them!

Charlie and Perrin's house is almost down...I can't believe there will be a vacant lot in our neighborhood!  Maybe by this weekend we can go exploring once they get it all cleaned up.

Pink toes!  First time painting Clarissa's nails, she was so excited.  She sat still for a long time to let them dry.

Styling and playing in her new New York bikini in the backyard kiddie pool.  She wanted to take an early morning dip.

Daddy finally got his tree in the ground.  The ground here was hard as a rock but after some digging was done we got it in there!  I can't wait to rock the area around it and watch it grow...slowly...

Pnut cooking at the pool.

Sunday afternoon we made our first trip of the summer to the community pool.  It was hot and we made it just in time for a dip or two and some chilling before the storm.  Angie came up to join us as well, then we beat it home for a nice dinner Scott cooked on the grill, pork tenderloin, corn on the cob, squash casserole and cornbread.  Yummy!!!! 
What a great weekend!

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